The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) has the capacity to transport 129 TJ/day of natural gas to Tasmania.

In addition to the benefit of supplying Tasmania with piped natural gas, the TGP’s unique interconnection with the Eastern Gas Pipeline and the VicHub injection point offers the opportunity for gas to be stored in the TGP and injected into the Victorian Transmission System at times of peak demand.

To obtain pricing and availability of TGP firm transportation capacity to service your needs, please see our pricing request form located here.

The TGP provides the ability for shippers to transport natural gas to Tasmania. These shippers supply natural gas to retailers via a series of 9 separate pipeline networks. These networks where built, and are now operated, by Tas Gas Networks.

The TGP also has 3 large industrial businesses that connect directly to the TGP. These connections are available for use by other businesses but have been specifically designed for the businesses they serve and may need to be augmented to suit your requirement.

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Direct connects of the TGP are in the following locations:

  • Port Latta (Grange Resources)
  • Bell Bay (Bell Bay Aluminium)

TGP Pty Ltd will consider making the TGP available for connection at other locations along the pipe. To see where the pipe is located please see our map.

TGN distribution networks connect to the TGP in the following locations:

  • Wynyard
  • Burnie
  • Devonport
  • Westbury
  • Ulverstone
  • Bell Bay & George Town
  • Carrick (Launceston)
  • Longford
  • Bridgewater (Hobart)

Sale of gas to residences is handled by retailers, Tas Gas Retail (affiliated with TGN) and Aurora Energy. If you are a looking to get natural gas connected to your home, you should contact one of the retailers.

Natural Gas Storage

TGP has finalised an opportunity for its surplus linepack capacity of 150 TJ to be used for natural gas storage. TGP is pleased to be able to offer this as a High Priority Storage Service at priority 6 with full intra-day nomination rights.

TGP has finalised the construction of a transfer station, connecting the Tasmanian Gas Pipeline to the Longford to Melbourne Pipeline creating a new Victorian Transmission System injection point. This will greatly enhance the amount of gas that can be injected from our storage service into the Victorian Transmission System to 120TJ per day, at a rate of 5 TJ per hour.

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