What to do in an emergency

Any of the following constitute an emergency:

  • Any normally-buried, high pressure gas pipeline which becomes exposed
  • Damage to a high pressure gas pipeline
  • Leaking gas
  • Leaking gas that has ignited or exploded.

What should you do in a gas emergency?

If there is, or you suspect, a gas leak or you think you have hit the pipe:

  • Evacuate the area
  • Do not use any source of ignition such as mobile phones, cigarette lighters, torches, pagers, welders, electrical equipment, vehicles etc
  • Do not start your car engine.

When you are well away from the area:

  • Contact the TGP emergency number, giving details of the location and nature of the emergency.
  • Phone 000 if there is fire, leaking gas or injuries and
  • Access up-to-date information by clicking here.

As with any emergency situation, it is vitally important you comply with any direction given by an emergency service person or a TGP representative.