TGP High Priority Storage Opportunity

TGP is pleased to announce that their High Priority Storage service of upto 150 TJ is available now for winter 2014.

TGP has identified an opportunity for its surplus linepack capacity of 150TJ to be used for natural gas storage.

TGP’s High Priority Storage Service is available for use for winter 2014, by using the interconnect between the TGP with the EGP, and the VicHub injection point. This solution offers 150TJ to be stored and accessed when required, at a withdrawal rate of up to 15TJ per day of firm withdrawal capacity.

TGP are also investigating the construction of a transfer station that will connect the TGP to the Longford to Melbourne Pipeline, which will in turn create a new Victorian Transmission System injection point. This facility has been earmarked for construction and commissioning by early 2016. This will greatly enhance the amount of gas that can be injected from our storage service into the Victorian Transmission System to 120TJ per day, at a rate of 5 TJ per hour.

With the gas market expected to experience a change in contracting practices towards 2016-2017, TGP believe these gas storage solutions can greatly assist any retailer or large industrial by complementing their gas contracting portfolio.

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Futher information can also be obtained by downloading our gas storage brochure.